3DIFIC is Gold Partner of Online 3D Dental Printing Conference

We welcome 3DIFIC as Gold Partner of Online 3D Dental Printing Conference, 28 january 2021, 16:00 – 18:00 CET, 4CME credits. REGISTER HERE to attend

3DIFIC is an innovative startup, under the Italian Law, and has been spinoffed by the School of Medicine of the University of Perugia (Perugia, Italy). In the last years 3DIFIC has developed a number of cases in surgery and in dental practice. Now 3DIFIC accounts for a number of cases with either high complexity or high volumes potential, thanks to an extraordinary team that was put together in the years.

3DIFIC has now 4 academic publications and patented 2 devices, for brachytherapy procedures.

More than everything, 3DIFIC is a fun and exciting place to work, grow, learn, and do meaningful things.

3D Dental Printing Conference focuses on 3D dental printing technologies and the applications — from early technology development to downstream applications. The conference will tackle not only emerging technologies and new materials, but also legal aspects and how 3D printing will change the dental practice. It is not a purely academic conference, but an innovative event bringing together brilliant minds and discoveries.

  • The conference is accredited by The Dutch Association for Technical Medicine with 4 (Continuing Medical Education) CME credits.
  • The conference is part of the 3D Medical Printing Series, which includes other related conferences: 3D Pharmaceutical Printing Conference, 3D Bioprinting Printing Conference and 3D Medtech Printing Conference. We recommend you to take a look at the program of the other conferences as well, since there are also cross-disciplinary themes and topics – Combi tickets are also available if you are interested in attending in the other conferences as well. They are all accredited with 4 CME credits each.
  • During the roundtable discussion interaction between attendees and speakers will also be possible.

The following speakers will present (take a look at the complete program here):

  • Les Kalman, Assistant Professor, Restorative Dentistry, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University, on ‘Innovative applications with dental additive manufacturing’ , Read more
  • Sandra Balnik, Business Developer Medical, Lithoz GmbH, on ‘The INKplant project, Ink-based hybrid multimaterial fabrication of next generation implants’
  • Sohaib Shujaat, PhD (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery), OMFS-IMPATH research group, Department of Imaging & Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, KU Leuven & Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, on “Accuracy of cone beam computed tomography-derived casts”, Read more
  • Chris Rose, Director of Dental Channels & Sales, North America, EnvisionTEC

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